Erik is a TEFL certified teacher from the UK living in the Philippines. He also has a BA Hons in History. Erik has 6 years teaching English experience.

Erik likes to make his lessons challenging and fun at the same time. Erik also worked for IBM for 12 years as a senior consultant and International Project Manager which involved handling projects in thirty eight different countries so he is quite experienced for teaching business English, English for IT and English for Project Management. Recently he has been involved in preparing students for job interviews in English and assisting in the writing of student’s resumes and IELTS.

Erik is a former professional squash player and international squash coach. He is also a former British Army captain. He plays tennis, basket ball and loves chess, reading, classical music, hifi and photography. He is currently the chief editor for a small publishing company specialising in the publication of books which explore the overlaps between Quantum Theory and Buddhist philosophy.

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