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Erik is a TEFL certified teacher from the UK living in the Philippines. He also has a BA Hons in History. Erik has 16 years of teaching English experience. He prepares for CAE and IELTS exams.

Erik likes to make his lessons challenging and fun at the same time. Erik also worked for IBM for 12 years as a senior consultant and International Project Manager which involved handling projects in thirty-eight different countries so he is quite experienced for teaching business English, English for IT and English for Project Management. Recently he has been involved in preparing students for job interviews in English and assisting in the writing of student’s resumes, critical Thinking in Englis, and Business Presentation Skills. He uses a wide range of materials from books to Ted Talks, from online news to Wikipedia.
Erik visited Russia before, during and after the collapse of the Soviet Union and he is knowledgeable about Russian history, culture, politics, economic issues and current affairs, so he is able to discuss a great many subjects and make lessons relevant to the student.
Erik has helped many students not just to pass exams but to change jobs and to transition to new lives in the UK, Canada, the US, and Australia.

Erik is a former professional squash player and international squash coach. He is also a former British Army captain. He plays tennis, basket ball and loves chess, reading, classical music, hifi and photography.

He is currently the chief editor for a small publishing company specialising in the publication of books which explore the overlaps between Quantum Theory and Buddhist philosophy.

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Bernadette is a TEFL certified teacher from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Bernadette has a wealth of experience, due to working for various online companies where she won the Private lesson award for three years in a row.

She is certainly a most passionate and unique teacher, having worked in the field of education since 2010, where she started off with teaching child art. After earning her TEFL qualification in 2011 — she decided to move into the field of Teaching English as a Foreign language, full-time.

Bernadette has a special flair for communication, utilizing an eclectic methodology — her approach to pedagogy is related to students needs — whether it be task based activities with a communicative approach, Grammar orientated sessions, General conversational strategies or Pronunciation and elocution lessons. Motivation and bolstering confidence, is a key aspect in her classroom, as is encouraging a positive self-evaluation. Bernadette has had tremendous success in preparing students ahead of the TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge exams (FCE and CAE).

She has worked with Business students, preparing them ahead of presentations, meetings and related Business topics- Telephoning, Negotiations and Business Correspondence. Her aim is to provide lessons in a comfortable and caring environment — she has a love for people, the creative arts — especially painting in oils, music as a medium for learning and helping students attain realistic goals.

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Richard is a CELTA certified Englishman (born in Nottingham) living in The Philippines. He has Bachelor’s of Education (Mathematics) from Nottingham Trent University.

Richard had careers in Local Government and commerce before entering education 20 years ago. Richard’s Bachelor of Education degree and CELTA have found him working in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE and Malaysia.

Latterly he has been a teacher of teachers, and a trainer of trainers. With a positive outlook and a sense of fun, he always enjoys meeting people, and has broad interests including music and photography. Richard is confident that he can help you and would like to work together, to build from a platform of success, and go forward with achievable steps.

Michelle Alison

Michelle is from the UK (London). She has a B.A. with Honours in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English to Students of Other Languages. She also has a TEFL Certificate from Trinity College, London and a PGCE.

Michelle has over 25 years of English teaching experience (she has been teaching since 1996), 10 years of which were spent in London teaching a wide range of students of different nationalities and very different cultures. Since 2006, she has been teaching in Argentina, both online and face-to-face. Michelle has prepared many students for YLE, PET, KET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS and TOEFL. She has also taught business English.

Part of her teaching duties in London was to prepare students for the English they needed for their chosen careers, such as hair-dressing, business communication and computers. Michelle enjoys teaching all English skills including reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar.

She is an avid reader and is interested in world events and enjoys discussing current news issues and different cultures. When Michelle is not working, she enjoys dancing tango, socialising, walking along the coast with her dog and relaxing with her family and her cats.


Ewa is an experienced English teacher and attorney admitted to practice in Arizona, USA. She has been teaching English for over 16 years. Ewa has a Bachelor’s with Honors in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a Master’s with Honors in English and American Literature. Ewa also holds a J.D. in Law from the GGU University in San Francisco. She is also a member of EULETA (The European Legal English Teachers’ Association ).

Ewa worked as an attorney in Arizona and has taught numerous ESL classes both in Europe and in the United States, including all language skills. Ewa worked as a member of the examination committee in a private college as well as a marketing and business school in Poland.

Ewa likes using a variety of teaching tools and creates personalized courses and programs for each student, according to one’s needs and aspirations. An avid language learner herself, Ewa enjoys helping others learn. Through her own learning-teaching experience she has developed an array of methods and techniques that she has found to be most effective. In addition to teaching all levels of General English, Ewa teaches Business and Legal English*. She prepares for TOEFL, ILEC, TOLES and IELTS, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE. She also gives Law courses.

Currently, students can choose one of the online courses listed below or a combination of any of them. Additionally, Ewa is also fluent in Polish and can speak some German and Russian. She currently lives in Germany where she works as an English teacher, translator and editor.

Ewa enjoys hiking with her dog, drawing, crafts, reading, learning foreign languages and writing. She has published several essays dealing with social and political issues. *стоимость занятий с Ewa по курсу Legal English составляет 2100 рублей за академический час (45 минут)

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Helen Krystallis

Helen is a certified ESL-EFL teacher from Ireland, who lives in Greece. She holds an honors Degree (B.A.) in English Language & Literature, as well as LCCI International Qualifications (Distinction) in Further Certification for Teachers of Business English.

Helen has been teaching English for more than 35 years. She teaches all components of the English language to a range of ages and educational backgrounds. Helen tailors her lessons to student’s needs with an emphasis on their weaker areas.

She is very dedicated to her work and her students and can always motivate students to work towards achieving their goals. She has also gained accreditation as an English Language Examiner for Major Examination organizations in Greece. Most of her teaching has been preparation for:

  • the Cambridge exams (more than 12 years): KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE,
  • Michigan Examinations (more than 5 years): BCCE, ECCE, ALCE, and MCPE.

She also has experience preparing for IELTS.

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Jamie is a TESOL certified teacher from Esher, England. He also has MSc in Computer Science and before becoming an English teacher he taught Computer Science at colleges and university in England and Scotland for 14 years.

Jamie has been teaching English since 2003 and has experience of teaching in Thailand, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. He taught general English at college, TOEFL on a university foundation course; employability skills (which includes business English) at university, business English in the petroleum and banking sectors as well as IELTS preparation. He also taught English to trainee English teachers at university in Kazakhstan.

Jamie enjoys driving into the mountains and spending his free time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. He also enjoys computers and meeting people on the internet.


George is an American language instructor from New York, with over 20 years’ experience. He has also taught French, Spanish and Italian. He holds a Bsc from Columbia University, and an Msc and a PhD from New York University.

George has various trainer certifications for teaching English for Business. He has taught at all levels and to all types of audiences, from High School to university level, as well as to business executives, professional people and politicians. He also teaches English for specific purposes such as Legal, Medical, Technical, as well as preparation to the Cambridge Examinations (KET, PET, First and Advanced Certificates, Proficiency), TOEFL and GMAT.

In his teaching, George prefers the oral communicative approach — setting specific objectives and actively using different types of media to practice speaking at a natural and dynamic pace in order to help the student function in the new language and perform naturally and with ease. He also puts emphasis on accent reduction and phonetics. Besides languages, George has also taught and is a specialist in the area of Cross-Cultural Communication, which includes Cross-Cultural Presentations, Negotiations, Team-building, Diversity in the workplace, etc. in many countries around the world. He has also published several multi-media language methods. Besides being fluent in Italian, French and Spanish, he also speaks Danish, Norwegian and Swedish and can get by in German.

He is an avid follower of world events, likes and practises several sports (tennis, skiing, swimming, etc.), enjoys reading and is a fan of good food and wines.

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Shelly is from the USA. She has over 12 years teaching English experience. She has her Bachelor’s in Art History and her Master’s in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Shelly is also a certified IELTS examiner and an ibt TOEFL administrator. Shelly was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She has lived in North Carolina, Indiana, as well as Italy and Hungary. She taught doctors, chemists, and researchers how to speak and interact with their American counterparts. Shelly truly enjoys working with her students. A good listener, she is patient and curious about her students’ interests and needs.

She likes to use humor when teaching because it lowers the stress and anxiety of the learner so that more knowledge and language can easily be attained. Furthermore, she can adapt to her student’s needs well. If a student needs IELTS preparation, she can help him/her with the speaking and writing components by giving them actual topics that are currently on the exam. She can also give tips on how to get a higher band score and impress your examiner. Whatever the student’s need is, Shelly will do her best to help the student achieve his or her goal.


Nathaniel is a CELTA qualified teacher from England with more than 6 years of teaching English experience. He has taught all levels of English from beginner to advanced, including IELTS and CAE exam classes.He also has a BA Hons in Drama and Theatre Arts from the University of Birmingham.

Because of his theatrical background Nathaniel has massive success with students who struggle with their English pronunciation. Nathaniel’s teaching style is energetic and motivating. He is a patient and supportive teacher who will work with you to devise a syllabus which focuses on your individual needs. Nathaniel is interested in keeping you enthusiastic about your English studies by providing challenging and varied classes.

His lessons take advantage of what the internet has to offer by incorporating ‘you tube’ and other online tools. Nathaniel is passionate about the arts. He loves theatre, film and galleries. He is a film maker himself and has written and directed comedy and documentary series broadcast on television in the UK.

He also loves travelling having travelled all around the globe from Argentina to Australia. He loves trying different and interesting foods from all around the world and he also loves cooking.


Mystique is a TEFL certified Canadian living in Mexico. She has been teaching English for almost 3 years now. Mystique has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Spanish minor from the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. She also holds an accounting diploma and teaches University English at ITESO University in Guadalajara, Mexico. Mystique also teaches Business English and has taught in several international companies such as Hewlett Packart, Siemens Electronics, and Flextronics. Mystique has prepared students for many international exams such as TOEFL and GMAT. She likes to focus on all the four skills of learning a new language: speaking, reading, listening, and writing and help incorporate different learning techniques and strategies. Mystique knows Spanish and some French. She loves the sun, beach, snowboarding, and all kinds of animals.


Maura is a TESOL certified teacher from the USA. She is a native speaker living in New York (her parents are from Ireland) and has many years of corporate business experience as an administrative professional in many industries. Because of this experience, she is able to help students who are using English in our constantly changing global world.

Her specialty is Business English, TOEFL and IELTS preparation as well as general conversation and pronunciation. Maura is very friendly, patient and focuses on student’s strengths and interests. Travel is her passion in life.

She has been to many countries and loves meeting people from other cultures. Maura also enjoys film, cooking, listening to music and spending time with friends.


Sean is both an Irish and a South African citizen, who is currently residing in the city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is a Qualified English teacher having completed his TESOL Certificate course along with his BA Degree, majoring in English Literature and Philosophy. He also obtained a diploma in Journalism while living in Cape Town during the year of 2004 and has had the good fortune of having a number of different poems published in various publications.

His topics and subject matter range from General English to Business English, including Banking and Finance. Most importantly he is both willing and able to help you learn English through whatever topics are of interest to you, whether it be the meaning of existence, negotiating business deals or planning for your next exotic travel adventure.

He recently returned from teaching English in Eskisehir, Turkey, which he thoroughly enjoyed. The experience has added to his enthusiasm for life and his love of both people and languages, which he hopes to share with his students.

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Steve is a TEFL certified teacher hailing from the United Kingdom (Kent) living in the Phillipines. He has 15 years’ experience and was previously employed by the South Korean government to tutor its civil servants and ministers, and the Chinese government.

Steve has taught IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, OPIC and TEPs, as well as Business English, Travel English and general ESL. He has great communication skills and seamlessly interacts with his students. He presents information in a wide and varied format, emphasising relevance to academic, professional and social application. He has additional skills in curriculum design and development, assessment, parent relations and task-specific education. Steve has witnessed through application that students benefit greatly from learning in an encouraging setting, which helps build their confidence and, therefore, ability.

Steve’s caring, enthusiastic and diligent nature makes him the perfect role model for students of all ages. Furthermore, his strong commitment to developing students in a relaxed and friendly yet structured environment, where clear goals are set and achieved, drives real results. He has an abundance of teaching experience and has a strong background and proven record for success in tutoring students from elementary through to university and adults, including senior citizens.

An avid hiker, Steve enjoys nothing more than spending time in the forests and on the mountains near his home with his pet dogs. He also has a large aquarium at home which he spends time maintaining. He likes reading novels and watching documentaries. On the weekends, Steve likes to cook for his family and enjoys going to the public market very early to buy fresh ingredients.


Jan is an Australian now living in the USA. She has a Graduate Diploma in Education (English and Modern Languages) and a Graduate Diploma in TESOL. Jan has a B.A. (Honours) in English and she has been teaching English for about 30 years. She has been working as an IELTS examiner since 2002. Jan is a very flexible, creative and talented teacher with a very sound understanding of the English language.

Her reputation is for being quick to establish rapport with students as well as to identify their needs and respond appropriately. In Australia, Jan taught English to students preparing to enter Australian Universities and to migrants from a range of cultural backgrounds in the Adult Migrant English Program.

She has also taught in schools and Universities in Hong Kong, mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam and the USA. She is interested in reading, writing, painiting and swimming.

Jessica_2 Jessica

Jessica is from England and has been teaching English as a Foreign and Second Language for 18 years. She has a Post-Graduate Diploma in TEFL from the University of Wales College, Cardiff. She also has a Bilingual Diploma in Travel and Tourism.

Jessica is currently studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Education Studies. Jessica has taught all levels from Beginner to Advanced and exam preparation such as PET, KET, FCE, CAE and Proficiency. She has also taught IELTS and TOEFL. Jessica also has experience teaching both ESP, Business English and Conversation classes.

She enjoys teaching exam classes in particular, but is happy to cater for students’ specific study requirements. Jessica has travelled extensively throughout her teaching career and has lived and taught in countries such as Japan, China, Pakistan and much of The Middle East. Most recently she taught for two years in Saudi Arabia at the only all ladies’ university in the capital city of Riyadh.

Jessica loves travelling, and has also spent a lot of time in North America, where she has relatives. She also loves keeping fit and does yoga and swims.


Sarah is a TESOL-certified teacher from Florida (USA). She holds a B.A. and a Masters in Elementary Education, with a Technology Specialization, from the University of Florida.

Sarah has experience teaching ages 2 to adult, most recently as an English teacher in Inner Mongolia, China. Throughout her teaching career, Sarah has taught in a wide variety of environments: from one-on-one lessons with 3 year olds to 70-student middle school classes. She has taught business English to employees of international companies, and led seminars for Chinese teachers. Sarah has taught IELTS and TOEFL courses to teenagers and adults, and has helped prepare students for emigration to the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Sarah’s teaching style is very student-centered. She wants the student to be comfortable in the lesson, and is at ease talking about any subject. She believes that her role as a teacher is to assist the student as they develop an understanding of the language, and to help foster a desire to learn English to a fluent level.

Sarah enjoys traveling and anything that has to do with the ocean. She has enjoyed almost every book she has ever read, or movie she has ever seen. She loves to play sports in her free time, especially American football.

kate profile pic Kate

Kate is a qualified CELTA teacher from England who has been teaching English in Spain for more than 8 years. She has taught English to all levels and ages but specializes in Business English and exam preparation classes (TOEFL, IELTS, BEC, KET, PET, FCE, CAE and Proficiency).

She has a strong business background herself, having worked in corporate recruitment and training for a number of years prior to becoming an English teacher. She has been studying Spanish for the last 8 years and so understands the trials and tribulations of learning another language and the importance of teacher support in building up confidence to communicate. She creates each class specifically to suit individual student’s needs and provides a relaxed, interesting, friendly learning environment where students are comfortable to talk.

In her free time Kate likes visiting new places, hiking with her dogs in the mountains and seeing her friends.

Nastasha Nastasha

Nastasha is a TEFL certified teacher from South Africa. She has been teaching English for the last 4 years.

Nastasha has lived and taught in many places including, Israel, Italy, England and Russia. She has taught students of all ages and abilities. Four the last three years she has predominantly taught Russian students and therefore has quite a deep understanding of translation and grammar errors commonly made by Russian English students. Each student will have lessons specifically designed around his or her needs. Topics will vary according to your interests. She has experience in preparing students for interviews and all other business English, IELTS and TOEFL training. As well as general English and grammar. She likes to focus on speaking and listening in class, always expanding vocabulary.

She likes to make her students feel as comfortable as possible and is passionately driven to build her students confidence in English. She is also an illustrator and when not teaching devotes most of her time to art and exhibitions.She has had many all over the world. She enjoys travelling and adventure.


Alison is a qualified TESOL teacher from Wales, the UK. She has been teaching English since 2008. Alison has a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Business and Information Technology.s

Alison has previously taught in Germany, Tenerife and China. She has taught students of many different ages and capabilities. Alison has experience teaching English for Travel, Conversation, Business, and preparation for IELTS and TOEFL exams. She has previously taught Russian and Ukrainian students. This has allowed her to understand the Grammar difficulties when speaking English. She can specifically recognize the most common mistakes made by Russian speakers, (For example “I make exercise” “This is car”) and provides the necessary material help with prepositions and articles. Lessons with Alison are specifically tailored to suit your individual needs and goals. Her lessons are relaxed and fun, with your target goals in mind.

Alison likes to try and help build your confidence when speaking English, and uses a variety of material to help with your listening, speaking and Grammar skills. She also teaches the importance of “Natural” English, with the use of Idiom phrases and constructions.

In her in spare time, Alison enjoys reading and going swimming. She is interested in travel, and learning about other cultures.

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Michelle is a TEFL certified English teacher from Portland, Oregon in the USA.

She has been teaching English for almost 4 years now. Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and is currently pursuing her Master’s in English literature. Michelle has lived in many places. She is in Germany now and enjoys her teaching career. Most recently she has been teaching general English for all ages including small children; academic English for high-school and university levels; and Business English for employees from diverse fields and employment levels, including IT engineers, doctors, lawyers and vice-presidents of multi-national corporations.

Her hobbies involve hiking in the mountains or bicycling in the beautiful city parks.

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Kate is both the United States and South African citizen. She has a Bachelors’s degree in Language Practitioner/ Linguistics and is a certified TEFL teacher. She has experience in teaching students ranging from six years of age to adulthood, both in person and in online classes.

Kate has travelled all over the world from east to west, and has broad experience in different cultures and in cross-culture communication. Kate has a passion for teaching and languages and enjoys helping people get better at English both grammatically and conversationally in a relaxed environment during her lessons. Building confidence and being able to hold general conversations in English discussing various topics of interest is just one of the focuses in her lessons.

Kate enjoys painting and traveling, teaching, reading, and listening to music and would love to get to know your interests during her lesson.


Danielle is from the UK (Brighton). She has a Master M.A in Entrepreneurship and Innovation which she achieved at the London College of Fashion. She has a Teaching qualification and has been teaching students for over 5 years, from different nationalities and at all levels.

Danielle has taught in schools, lectured in colleges and worked online guiding students to achieve their potential and learn English. Her strengths are in communication, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. She likes to make each class fun and engaging with worksheets and good conversation. She also has experience teaching children. Furthermore, she has taught Business English. She has a strong commitment to developing students’ English skills in an empathetic but yet structured environment, where clear goals are set, achieved and proven to be successful.

Danielle is interested in world history, culture, and the environment. She has travelled the world, lived in Europe and Asia. In her spare time, she likes to be creative, practise yoga, read and socialise.


Doctor Ray is an Australian ESL professional who has extensive experience in lecturing in Universities in Vietnam. He conducts General English and Business English classes, and he has experience with IELTS and TOEFL IBT.

He is also a TESOL trainer. Before becoming an ESL instructor 9 years ago, Ray operated two very successful businesses in Australia that won prestigeous awards for innovation.

Ray has a very clear British like educated Australian accent. He can help you to improve your speaking ability by his sympathetic pronunciation correction, and he can help you to expand your vocabulary and grammatical structures with his easy to understand intuitive teaching style.

His interests include the playing and composing of music, singing (he was a professional musician and singer in Australia, photography (Member of the Australian Master Photographers Assn-ret.) and travel. Ray speaks German reasonably well, and he can also speak some Chinese and Vietnamese.

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