Ewa is an experienced English teacher and attorney admitted to practice in Arizona, USA. She has been teaching English for over 16 years. Ewa has a Bachelor’s with Honors in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a Master’s with Honors in English and American Literature. Ewa also holds a J.D. in Law from the GGU University in San Francisco. She is also a member of EULETA (The European Legal English Teachers’ Association ).

Ewa worked as an attorney in Arizona and has taught numerous ESL classes both in Europe and in the United States, including all language skills. Ewa worked as a member of the examination committee in a private college as well as a marketing and business school in Poland.

Ewa likes using a variety of teaching tools and creates personalized courses and programs for each student, according to one’s needs and aspirations. An avid language learner herself, Ewa enjoys helping others learn. Through her own learning-teaching experience she has developed an array of methods and techniques that she has found to be most effective. In addition to teaching all levels of General English, Ewa teaches Business and Legal English*. She prepares for TOEFL, ILEC, TOLES and IELTS, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE. She also gives Law courses. Currently, students can choose one of the online courses listed below or a combination of any of them.

Additionally, Ewa is also fluent in Polish and can speak some German and Russian. She currently lives in Germany where she works as an English teacher, translator and editor.

Ewa enjoys hiking with her dog, drawing, crafts, reading, learning foreign languages and writing. She has published several essays dealing with social and political issues.

*стоимость занятий с Ewa по курсу Legal English составляет 2100 рублей за академический час (45 минут)

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  • I want to say some words about my English teacher Ewa Lockard and about our classes. A little story before:
    About two years ago I decided to take English language as one of my finals and that’s why i had to improve my English, expand my vocabulary and my main goal was to break a language barrier. Classes with a native speaker was the best solution because speak English looked like an impossible task for me by that moment.
    Ewa has been my teacher for almost two years and she helped me pass my finals with flying colors! I managed to get 20/20 for speaking part and 96/100 for the whole exam. I’m really thankful to Ewa!
    All our lessons were really interesting, well organized and exciting, I learned new grammar and then discussed different topics with Ewa. She made me retell different articles and texts which was a really good practice, also she taught me how to use new vocabulary correctly and was always ready to explain unclear things. She is really experienced teacher with great knowledge, who is always ready to cheer you up and correct your mistakes, because Ewa is really attentive. All in all, I began speaking English and it was my greatest achievement. I really want to continue our classes and have a great time studying!

  • Back in 2016 even 6.5 overall band score of IELTS exam seemed like impossible task for me, but Ewa helped me to be ready for the test just for 8 months. I am very thankful to Ewa not only for the result of my test, but for fascinating journey to the world of different cultures, exciting discussions and spreading the knowledge of different aspects of the modern life. And what is the most important for me our English classes are not classes you’re obligated to attend, but the opportunity to find inspiration and support for your dream. Ewa let me overcome my fears and believe in myself. That is how Ewa allows you to be prepared for real life challenges.

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