Katherina is a TEFL certified teacher from Toronto (Canada) who is ready to coach you on ‘21st Century-English’ based on ‘current events’ and ‘real life simulations’ to help you keep current in today’s changing language and economy. She has TEFL Canadian College of Educators Diploma and has been working for 9 years coaching Business English, and Academic English including Examinations/ Testing in; IELTS, TOEFL, BULATS, FCE, CAE in addition, editing Presentations/Power-Point, as well as preparing CV’s for those individuals who need resumes in English, and interview preparations. Katherina has degrees in Finance, as well as Sales and Marketing.

Katherina has a clear and easy accent to understand, and her professionalism can be heard in her voice and seen in her work. Because of her experience, patience and excellent understanding she will be able to identify your needs, after speaking with you, and work together with you and your objectives to build a comfortable and easy-going English learning environment. Katherina is professional and dedicated to her learners progression and provides you with a lot of learning material to help you, and extra activities to challenge you. Katherina uses multi-media in her coaching, as well as other listening tools for further comprehension.

She can also communicate in languages such as Polish and French. Katherina has had experience teaching and living in European countries such as Russia, Poland, Germany and Italy.

Being a native Canadian, Katherina is a true outdoor woman, who enjoys many sports, including; mountain climbing, kayaking, and has ran a few marathons, both in New York(U.S.A) and Paris (France). Katherina also enjoys watching movies, shopping, and Home Renos.

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