Ewa is an experienced English teacher and attorney admitted to practice in Arizona, USA. She has been teaching English for over 16 years. Ewa has a Bachelor’s with Honors in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a Master’s with Honors in English and American Literature. Ewa also holds a J.D. in Law from the GGU University in San Francisco. She is also a member of EULETA (The European Legal English Teachers’ Association ).

Ewa worked as an attorney in Arizona and has taught numerous ESL classes both in Europe and in the United States, including all language skills. Ewa worked as a member of the examination committee in a private college as well as a marketing and business school in Poland.

Ewa likes using a variety of teaching tools and creates personalized courses and programs for each student, according to one’s needs and aspirations. An avid language learner herself, Ewa enjoys helping others learn. Through her own learning-teaching experience she has developed an array of methods and techniques that she has found to be most effective. In addition to teaching all levels of General English, Ewa teaches Business and Legal English*. She prepares for TOEFL, ILEC, TOLES and IELTS, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE. She also gives Law courses. Currently, students can choose one of the online courses listed below or a combination of any of them.

Additionally, Ewa is also fluent in Polish and can speak some German and Russian. She currently lives in Germany where she works as an English teacher, translator and editor.

Ewa enjoys hiking with her dog, drawing, crafts, reading, learning foreign languages and writing. She has published several essays dealing with social and political issues.

*стоимость занятий с Ewa по курсу Legal English составляет 1830 рублей за академический час (45 минут)

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  1. Valeriya
    07.08.2012 at 19:03 — Ответить

    I am law student, and I have been studying legal English with Ewa for 10 months. Her classes are interesting, fascinating and very helpful for me: I have improved my legal vocabulary and it is now much easier for me to use legal English. I think, it is so because Ewa has an individual approach to her students as well.Also I want to add, that classes with Ewa helped me to get a new job in international firm as legal assistant. I couldn’t get it without Ewa’s classes.

  2. Evgeniya
    07.04.2012 at 12:11 — Ответить

    My name is Evgeniya Vinogradova. I am a lawyer working in a building company. I decided I needed to study legal English as my goal was to work in an international company.
    I have studied legal English online with Ewa Lockard for 1 year. I have liked and enjoyed the classes very much. At the beginning it was rather difficult, but Ewa was so kind and patient to explain everything I didn’t understand. I have read and discussed different kinds of legal texts, contracts, articles, judicial decisions, etc. I also watched films related to law which Ewa suggested to me and which we always discussed. I found this very useful.
    Due to extensive reading I found out a lot about English law system, I learned legal vocabulary and improved my knowledge of English law.
    I am very grateful to Ms Lockard for explaining various issues involving English law and legal procedures, and brilliantly guiding me in my studies.
    I have improved my speaking and listening skills. I now find it very easy to communicate in English and have managed to overcome my language barrier.
    Now, after one year, I feel confident about my legal English skills and I am going to look for a job in an international company.
    I would definitely recommend Ewa Lockard as a legal English teacher to other lawyers like me.

    Evgeniya Vinogradova

  3. Татьяна
    13.03.2012 at 22:03 — Ответить

    March 13, 2012
    To whom it may concern.

    My name is Tatyana. I am a translator doing my first steps in legal translation from English into Russian.

    I have studied legal English online with Ewa Lockard for five months with the aim of taking ILEC.

    I am totally satisfied with the classes. I was given opportunity to get acquainted with different kinds of legal and law related texts, such as judicial decisions, contracts, excerpts from legislation, articles, etc. Due to this extensive reading I have become familiar with many legal concepts peculiar to English legal system. During our subsequent discussions Ms Lockard brilliantly explained to me many notions which I, not being a lawyer myself, found difficult to understand. I have also acquired a substantial amount of legal vocabulary and improved ability to use it properly. What was particularly helpful is Ms Lockard’s experience as a practicing attorney. She was always ready to explain to me various legal procedures and correct my use of court related words and phrases.

    Since we had weekly online speaking classes, I have greatly improved my speaking and listening skills. I managed to overcome language barrier and now express myself much easier. I learnt to paraphrase and avoid using Russian where my ability to speculate on a legal issue seemed to be exhausted. Ms Lockard also suggested various films about legal process. Watching the films enhanced my ability to understand spoken English, not to mention the fact that we used the films as a springboard for discussions of various legal issues and language.

    I am yet to take the test. However, sample tests showed that I have improved my results by about 30% since I started classes with Ms Lockard. So they proved to be not only enjoyable, but also remarkably effective.
    I would definitely recommend Ewa Lockard as a legal English and ILEC teacher to other students, both experienced lawyers and those without substantial knowledge of law.


  4. Sergey
    15.07.2011 at 12:53 — Ответить

    Now looking back I realize how lucky I was to have had Ewa as my English teacher. I had classes with her for almost one year and I found Ewa a very experienced and qualified teacher. She knows exactly how to improve your vocabulary and grammar. She easily detects any problems in your English and corrects them right away using various exercises. But don’t think that classes with Ewa might be boring. Not at all! She organizes her classes in a such way you can’t wait to have the next one.
    She also helped me to prepare for my interview when I had an opportunity to get an excellent job. And you know what — I got the job. I am sure that it was mostly thanks to her.
    I highly recommend Ewa as a teacher either of general or business English and if I had to study English again I would definitely choose her again.

  5. Maria
    23.06.2011 at 21:54 — Ответить

    Hello! I wrote about my lessons with Ewa on 14 June. However I’d like to add something! I got my exam (ILEC) results yesterday. And I’d like to tell you that the most important point concerning my classes with Ewa is that these lessons helped me to pass the exam (ILEC) and receive a good score (C1). I think that my improved Writing and Speaking skills allowed me to get such a good result. Let me recommend you again such a great teacher.

  6. Maria
    14.06.2011 at 15:12 — Ответить

    Hello! I’d like to tell you about my lessons with Ewa.
    They concerned legal English, including preparation to ILEC (special exam for lawyers).
    To begin with I think the lessons helped me to improve my Speaking. I had an opportunity to discuss with Ewa different legal matters during our classes. And I appreciated that Ewa always corrected and explained my mistakes. I found out a lot of details concerning words applicability in different legal contexts and enlarged my vocabulary. Besides in my opinion Ewa is not only a good lawyer, but also a good teacher. She knows how to explain a foreign student some difficult points and how to arouse student’s interest.
    Besides my lessons helped me to improve my Writing skills. I got many pieces of advice regarding the content and structuring of my writing exercises.
    To sum up I strongly recommend lessons with Ewa if you look forward to improving your English and/or passing exams

  7. Anna
    17.05.2011 at 21:06 — Ответить

    I would like to leave a comment about my teacher Ewa.
    I’ve got lessons of Upper-Intermediate and then Advanced English with her for about 7 month already and she helped me a lot.
    Each lesson was a pleasure, and that was very unusual for me.
    She is absolutely great, for me especially. I’ve got lessons with a lot of different teachers before, and my level was quite good in general (approx upper-intermediate, I think) but I still had main problems – fear of speaking, kind of language barrier, and some gramma problems too, of course.
    After just several lessons with Ewa, I started speaking more fluently.
    As a teacher, she is very responsible, clever, patient and expresses her thoughts clearly – all that things are very important for me.
    As a person, she is very positive and broad-minded, so that I received not only knowledge about English language, but also a lot of interesting information from our topics and great discussions. My English is still not perfect, but I need English for my work at the moment – and now, I don’t have problems with it. Hope to have more lessons in nearest future! And I definitely recommend Ewa as a perfect teacher!!

  8. Sveta
    21.04.2011 at 11:45 — Ответить

    I’d like to recommend Ewa as a teacher. I’m very lucky that I’ve met her. Ewa helpes me to prepare for CAE. She is wonderful. She immediately adapted to my teaching style, but never shied away from offering her own ideas and perspectives.

    Her ideas are fresh and exciting. Our classes are always very interesting and challenging. My English skills, especially speaking and listening comprehension, improved dramatically. She suggested watching a lot of interesting movies, which helped me to improve my knowledge of English accents. My vocabulary has increased considerably. I found out a lot of up-to-date words. Ewa explained grammar very clearly.

    Ewa always knows what you need. I agree with the previous student that her lesson structure is always well thought out.

    I’m grateful to her for her lessons, because they helped me to believe in my ability to speak and not to be afraid of making mistakes.

    I would certainly recommend Ewa as an English teacher, because she is really great teacher.

  9. Нина (Москва)
    05.04.2011 at 18:42 — Ответить

    I’m really glad to have found such an English teacher as Ewa. I enjoyed every lesson. Ewa is always well prepared. Her lesson structure is always well thought out. I was especially impressed with the clarity of her spoken English. Her explanations of English grammar are very easy and it’s very important that she gives only the materials you need. Ewa is an excellent teacher. My business vocabulary was enriched and my grammar was improved, so now I can make reports in English on our monthly sales meetings myself.

  10. Irina
    31.03.2011 at 14:09 — Ответить

    I would like to write several words about my teacher Ewa and our classes.
    She very clearly explains grammar rules, drawing my attention to every problem point.
    After studying grammar materials we train my skills using exercises. Then we usually read texts, discussing new words and phrases.
    And, of course, we work on my speaking. Ewa patiently corrects my grammar and vocabulary mistakes.
    She always suggests different options of expressing ideas, trying to teach me natural English.
    Furthermore, during our lessons Ewa sometimes gives me information about American way of living.
    For example, several lessons ago we discussed the educational system.
    So, I’m really satisfied with our lessons and I’m looking forward to passing TOEFL after our classes.